About us

Here at the Groovy Guppy, I spend much of my free time in my little fish room. Over the years I have often found myself searching for information on the how to overcome a problem or improve my fish keeping experience. In many case the search for the answer took longer than the actual fix did as I would have to plow threw many wrong answers or videos to find the solution that worked.

Being someone that prefers to watch the video I started to create a list of other fish keeps that seems to have good ideas and knew how to explain them. Those of you that have followed my blog over the past couple years often have sent me questions and I in most cases reply with a video link of someone that had already solved the issue.

To make a long store short on 9/24/20 my Hosting company server crashed and claimed the back up files where also lost. I did have a database backup but it appears that was a corupt file so I found myself the proud owner of no content for the Groovy Guppy. I began to contimplate what I would do with The Groovy Guppy and I got 2 emails asking very same question so I replied to both with the same video link when I had an epiphany. why not create a central directory of quality videos to make it easier for my fish friends to locate answers to thier questions. Hence the rebirth of The Groovy Guppy is now underway with a renewed enthiusasim. and as always I hope be able to help my friends.