DIY- Build a Fish Rank cheap and easy

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If you want to put more tanks in an area one way is to stack them. This simple fish tank rack design by The King of DIY. It requires common 2 by 4’s and screws and can be built in a couple of hours or less.

This video is several years old and as with any older video the prices he quotes are out of date.  While this is not the best looking rack you can build, It only takes a few tools to build and a very short amount of time.

Some easy improvements I have done to this rack is to simply paint it.

I also tend to leave a couple of extra inches of space so I can get my arm in the tank easier to work on it. 

The last improvement I did to mine was to put cheap under the counter LED lights mounted to the cross members so the lower two-tank had better light. I made I left the switch to them on and plugged them into a switched plug (a plug strip also works great) so I don’t have to reach in and find the switch every time. 

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